Wednesday, March 28, 2012

25 Easy Ways to Stay in Shape… (without going crazy!)

by Tara Bowman and Veronica White
  1. Take the long way to class whenever you have time.
  2. Avoid the fryer in the Cafeteria (Eat a salad or sandwich instead)
  3. NEVER take the elevator when you can take the stairs!
  4. Walk around in between classes
  5. Participate in wellness events
  6. Snack on small (healthy!) things between meals
  7. Drink a lot of water; it makes you feel fuller, and it’s better for you than anything else you’re probably drinking!
  8. Eat a good breakfast; it holds you over so you don’t binge for lunch or dinner
  9. Stay away from vending machines!
  10. Stay away from soda…
  11. Buy cheap “toner shoes” (or ankle weights)
  12. Make use of the fitness center (get here an hour or so before your first class or go after classes; it’s free!)
  13. If it comes through the window of your car, you should probably try to avoid it.
  14. The fewer ingredients your food has the more likely you are to eat healthier.
  15. Park farther away, so you’ll have to walk more!
  16. Volunteer to run errands at work
  17. Incorporate at least one fresh vegetable into your bigger meals
  18. Cut back on your portions, even if it’s only a little!
  19. Do you ever notice how cats stretch a lot throughout the day? That’s because it’s good for you. It helps with tension, and makes your body more agreeable to exercise.
  20. Practice good posture (it strengthens your core muscles…)
  21. It sounds weird, but eat extra fiber; it’ll make your body feel less sluggish…
  22. Make plans for the weekend; don’t just sit in front of the TV.
  23. If you’re a drinker, cut back.
  24. Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry; you’ll buy more impulse junk food.
  25. Choose more activities that get your on your feet (putt-putt, going for walks, bowling, etc.) You don’t have to run marathons; just don’t be a couch potato! 

Start with maybe two or three of these things, and then slowly add more good habits to your routine. Eventually the weight will start falling off, and you’ll feel a lot better!


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